Ground floor extension and refurbishment, Deans Road, Hanwell W7

Location: Deans Road, Hanwell W7
Details: Stunning ground floor extension and groung floor refurbishment with kitchen in the centre with dining room at front and new rear lounge, including:

  • New timber suspended floor throughout ground floor
  • Wet underfloor heating throughout ground floor fitted using aliminium spreader plates.
  • New boiler fitted.
  • Formation of utility room & wc.
  • All electrics.
  • Fitting of timber flooring.
  • Log burner fitted.
  • Sliding doors.
  • New sash, bay windows.
  • Extend front door out to end of porch to create larger hall.
  • Fit kitchen.
  • Lay patio.

I have a quiet comfortable space in the garden where I can work. Working from home is now a real joy.

Mr W - London

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