If you really do love your home and it’s in just the right location, you’ll be loath to move away. But you need more space. The family is growing and you yearn for more room to entertain, or even to work from home. The solution? A home extension.

If there’s space at the rear of your property, you can extend out that way. If you love your garden, the extension can be designed in such a way that the outside is brought in. Beautiful bi-folding doors can be installed that have minimal frames and maximum sight lines, so that whilst you are enjoying your new open living space, you can gaze out onto the garden. A deck that continues flush from the inside really does create the feeling of maximised space, so any concerns over losing part of the garden will quickly diminish.

Don’t forget that space at the side of a property can also be utilised, as can space above a garage. Garages themselves can also be converted to provide added living space.

In addition to increasing the value of a property, adding additional living space is often the most original and exciting way of creating the home you’ve always wanted. Be it a luxury loft conversion, a spacious kitchen extension, or converting a period house into contemporary flats, our team offers a highly skilled, qualified and personal service.

The best form of advertising is recommendation and this is what we want from all our customers therefore our aim is very clear and that is to give the best service and quality possible.

I have a quiet comfortable space in the garden where I can work. Working from home is now a real joy.

Mr W - London

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